Udemy Video Download – How to Download Any Video From Udemy

Udemy Video Download: Downloading videos from the world largest video tutorial website Udemy has been a hell to so many Udemy students and users. The site has thousands of professional video tutorials for various discipline.

In most cases user might want to download videos for future reference and to get deep understanding of the tutorial while they watch the video again. In some countries especially in Africa where internet subscription is on a per as you go basis (prepaid internet bundle), the cost of internet data bundle to stream video for up to an hour is expensive for a low income earner to afford. In order to save cost, people prefer to download the video instead of streaming the video online. – Udemy Download


Most Udemy videos are copyright protected and thus restricts viewers from downloading them though you can contact an instructor to request that his/her should be made downloadable, its up to the instructor to say yes/no.

Udemy Video Download: Steps To Download Any Video From Udemy

Step 1: Open your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 2:  Search for “Flash and Video Download” and install

Udemy Download - How to download videos from Udemy - Udemy Video Download - How to Download Any Video From Udemy

That’s All!

Login to you Udemy account, choose the video you wish to download, click on the “Flash and video download” icon on the top right of your Mozilla Firefox browser (red background with 3 downward arrows).Udemy Download - How to download videos from Udemy 2018

It will show the size of the video with a download sign to download it.

NOTE: Sometimes due to Udemy network, it  may not show the download link, try and refresh the video page again until it appears.

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