(Photos & Video) 1976 Apple 1 Computer Put For Sale – Still Working

An original Apple 1 Computer which was hand-built by Apple Co-founders Steve Jobs and Wozniak in 1976 is being put up for sale come September 2018. The computer is auction to sell for $300,000 and above.

In 1976 Steve Jobs and Wozniak of Apple only manufactured 200 Apple 1 computer, making this an extremely rare piece of computer history. It was one of the first home computers that didn’t require soldering.

Corey Cohen, who restored the Apple 1, connects an iPod to the ancient device in order to run software. There’s something strangely compelling about that, considering that iPods are also basically obsolete Apple products at this point.

Checkout the page for the auction of Apple 1 1976 computer @ BoingBoing.

Seriously, if i had the money right now, this Apple 1 computer would be mine. Anyway, good luck to the future owner.

Watch Video Below:

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