How to Disable WordPress Plugin From cPanel

Here’s a step on how to disable a WordPress plugin from cPanel.  There are some plugins that can shut down your site including your WordPress admin dashboard immediately they are installed or configured.

I have gotten same experience before when my website shut down including my WP admin dashboard immediately installed a particular plugin. I knew the problem was from the plugin I just installed.

Since I couldn’t login to my WordPress admin dashboard to disable and remove the plugin, I had to use my host cPanel to do that.

  • Login to your cPanel.
  • Click on ‘file manager’.
  • Click on the + sign of WP-content folder.

Disable WordPress Plugin From cPanel 1


  • Click on the plugins folder.
  • Select the plugin you wish to disable, right click on choose ‘rename’.
  • Type in the suffix ‘-disable’ with the plugin name as shown below.


You can later go to your WP plugins section to remove the defaulting plugin.



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