Bloggers: How to Your Site Viewers from Using Adblocker On Browser

Adblocker is a plug-in in a bowser that allows user to block ads while surfing the internet with the browser. Because of the large numbers of internet users many advertisers have shifted their attention to the internet as their main advertisement medium.

Most times these adverts are unsolicited and annoying especially the pop-up ads. Also the pay-per-click (PPC) adverts also make browsing stressful to the user sometimes. According to combined statistics from the various browsers, more than 200 million people across the globe are currently surfing the net with Adblocker enabled on their device mostly from America and Europe.

If you’re a blogger or internet marketer that publish adverts on your website and your targeted traffic are mostly from America and Europe, you may likely be losing sales because most internet users from these areas turn their Adblocker on.

If you’re on the WordPress platform, there’s a good news for you. There are some good plugins that you can use to make your site viewers with Adblock to whitelist your website from their Adblock list.

Let’s look at the one I’m currently using for Web Tech Garden, it’s called Simple Adblock Notice by Shrinivas Naik.

In your plugins section, search for Simple Adblock Notice and install. When a user with Adblock visit your site, the plugin simply alerts the user that to whitelist your site or turn off Adblock. The free version has no custom settings and by default will show the image below.

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