How to Delete Twitter Tweets all at Once

This post will show you how to delete twitter tweets all at once using an application called TwitWipe.

I once had a twitter account which i used for a particular blog with more than 2,000 tweets and i later wanted to change the twitter account to use it with another blog, I tried deleting the tweets manually one after the other but it was hell for me to delete 20 tweets. This made me to discover this awesome application used to delete up to 3,200 tweets from your twitter account all at once.

Step 1:

Head up to TwitWipe website and click on ‘Get Started’ (note that this application can only delete up to 3,200 tweets at a time).

Step 2:

At the bottom right of the page, solve the Captcha puzzle and proceed.


Delete all Tweets at Once from twitter 1

Step 3:

Login to your twitter account if you are not logged in order to authorize the application and proceed. In the next page that follows, a warning notice will be shown to you that the action you are about to perform is irreversible, click on Yes to accept.


Delete all your twitter Tweets at Once 2

Step 4:

Tweets deleting process may take some minutes or even up to an hour depending on the numbers of tweets you are deleting from your twitter account, so be patience in this step. The green bar shows you the progress of your tweets deleting. When the tweets are all deleted, you’ll get a message as shown in the image below. Click on sign out to sign out your twitter account.


Steps to Delete all Tweets at Once 3

Step 5:

Go to to view the list of apps that have access and authorization to your twitter account, revoke the access to Twitwipe to access your twitter account, this will ban TwitWipe from further access and tweet deleting in your account.

Sure way to Delete all Tweets at Once 4


elete Twitter Tweets


Delete Twitter Tweets   Delete Twitter Tweets  

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