Difference Between JavaScript and JQuerry

So many upcoming programmers are confused to differentiate between the functions of JavaScript and JQuerry. Well I will summarize the main difference between JavaScript and JQuerry.

  • First JavaScript is a programming language will JQuerry is not a programming language.
  • JavaScript is independent of JQuerry while JQuerry is dependent on JavaScript and is also born out of JavaScript
  • JavaScript can perform any task JQuerry can perform but JQuerry cannot perform the entire task JavaScript does.
  • JQuerry is a JavaScript library of codes created to perform a certain task.
  • JQuerry performs certain tasks with few lines of JavaScript codes and less work compare to the traditional JavaScript.
  • Without JQuerry library, one will have to create a library to perform a certain task every time but with JQuerry code, you just download the code to your source code and you are good to go.


JQuerry isn’t the only JavaScript library, the are other libraries which I will talk about them in subsequent posts.

JQuerry makes your work with JavaScript much easier.

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